Three Reasons to Consider Cool Roofs for Baltimore Businesses

Low Slope Roofs

If your home or business in the Baltimore area has a low slope roof in need of repair, or if you are planning new construction, give Sykes Restorations the opportunity to show you the costs and benefits of a Cool Acrylic roofing system. We have the experience and industry certification to give your buildings the best roofing system to match our Baltimore climate. Contact us at 1-410-713-4328 to set up a review, or check out our website at

Best Option for Repair

Acrylic Fiber Cool Roof systems are a versatile choice for flat roof repair. These systems can be applied over many existing roof systems including membrane, bitumen, and metal roofs, even if they have some damage. Representatives from Sykes Restorations can review your application to determine if a Cool Roof is right for your business. Existing roofs are cleaned, primed; a special reinforced base layer is applied, followed by a premium topcoat. This system provides excellent bridging performance for damaged areas, and is extremely strong and long-lasting. If you have a damaged or leaking low slope roof, contact Sykes Restorations today. 

Energy Efficiency

In our hot, humid summer climate, dark, flat roofs are natural targets for the suns rays. This can lead to damage on certain types of roofs and also allows excessive heat to build up inside your structures. Summer cooling costs for large, low slope buildings can be extensive. Cool Roofs provide a system that reflects most of the wavelengths of solar radiation to keep energy absorption low, resulting in a far cooler building in the summer months. This natural reflecting property of Cool Roofs can have a substantial impact on your cooling costs. Our Cool Roof systems provide energy savings and a long life product, guaranteed. 

Long Life

Uniflex Cool Roofs, installed by certified applicators like Sykes Restorations, have a 15-year guarantee for commercial applications. These roofs have the flexibility to handle thermal cycling, and everything that our Baltimore weather can throw at it. It also is specially-designed to reflect most of the sun’s energy to greatly reduce the damage it can do to polymer-based roof systems.  The Uniflex system is both UL and Energy Star rated and could be the right application for your critical projects. 

Let’s Get Started!

Call Sykes Restorations or contact us through our website to schedule a review of your application. Your roof is critical to your operation. Leaks and excessive heat buildup can directly affect your bottom line. Choosing the right system for your unique situation is our specialty. Our factory-certified applicators are ready to provide you with the best, longest lasting, cost effective roofing system available. Sykes Restorations is a local business that has been engaged with the Baltimore community for a long time. We live here and appreciate your long-term business.  Contact us today at 1-410-713-4328, or on or website at